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Goats acting strange

I have never had this happen before. Was wondering if anyone recognized the symptoms. Several weeks ago it started with a young buck that would start stamping his feet and wagging his tail and run to the corner. He acted like he was annoyed. I checke

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New Goat

Our new goat "Daisy".  She is the 1/2 sister to our "Rosie".  We purchased her from Creekside Farm.  She is a very easy going goat that never kicks and is producing 1/2 gallon of milk a day.  We have enjoyed adding her to our herd.  


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I've recently had a friend from Georgia tell me that she has seperated her pasture off, so she can lime parts of it to kill parasites. I have never heard of this and didn't think you could put anything down to kill them. Anybody heard of this?

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Goats and Baths


I am going to ask a really dumb question.  Should goats be given a bath when it gets warmer? Would this help with parasites? I notice all my goats--two does and two kiddings are itching around.  I did deworm them with pellets two weeks ago.



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