Scranton, NC


March 2

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  • Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one!
  • Crystal, did you get Grover and how is everyone adjusting? I can't wait to see a picture of the three of the boys. I hope all is well and fun..
  • Congrats on the new goats!!
  • Congratulations! Hope you'll post some photos soon!
  • happy HaLLoWeen!
  • Crystal, if you send me your email address I will send you my address.
  • Crystal, it all sounds good. Yes they have been disbudded, when they were 1 wk old and the vet did a fantastic job. I look forward to hearing from you. my cell is 336-817-4911 and home is 336-325-2959. Have a great week/end. Mary
  • Hi Crystal, they were born on July 20. I'm glad you saw my website. Its under construction because I am opening a web store on there for selling my goat's milk soap! I live about 25 min north of 40, you would pick up us 52 in Winston-Salem. 421 is on the other site of town. Friday the 23rd is really good for me, Saturday is good too. Sunday we are going to the Martinsville race so that's not good. I would love you to come to our farm and meet my herd! and of course meet my two boys, Deacon and Beasley.
  • Hi Crystal! I have two handsome brothers that are 11 weeks old. They were disbudded at 1wk old and were just wethered at 10 wks old. They are doing great. They have excellent bloodlines, their grandfather, BayWatch fathered 8 grand champions! I wanted them to stay as bucks but I had no place to keep them seperate from my big bucks. They would have been good herdsires. anyways... Beasley and Deacon are their names. They are chocolate brown and white. Beasley has more frosting, and Deacon looks like an oreo cookie!! my website is
    I am asking $125 each. (I spent 50.00 each) on the procedures. They are exceptionally healthy and both parents tested negative for goat diseases (CAE, CL, Brucellosis, Johnes). I have discovered that alot of farms in my area don't test, but I feel it is def. worth it, with the investment we put in our animals.
    They are very sweet and lovable. ( all my goats give kisses!)
    West Jefferson is a beautiful area and a nice drive. We wouldn't be very far out of the way off of 40.
    I would be happy to send more pics or video tape them for you.
    Oh, I have a higher price on my website, but ignore that.
    So happy to hear from you and I hope you are enjoying this fantastic fall weather. check out the pics on this page of mine, there's two cute pics of Beasley when he was just born. He had droopy ears the first few days and he was adorable. Kind regards, Mary
  • Hi Crystal! Just wanted to say hello and welcome, I just joined this site as well. I see you also live in NC but looks like you live towards the coast. I am in the NW area of the state, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts. In the shadow of Pilot Mt (20 min north of Winston-Salem) This Jan our goat farm will be 2 yrs old. We really love our goats and they make fantastic pets, they are so much fun to play with and watch.
    If you are looking just for pets, I would have a few wethers but not put a doe in with them. When she goes in heat they will be all over her. I guess it depends on wether you plan on breeding some day. I like to keep one wether in with my does, it helps me know who is cycling. I had a wether and his sister, and he was so possessive of her, when I put her in the buck pen to breed, her brother jumped the fence trying to get to his sister, so he went in the buck pen too. I later sold them, they went to SC, the doe was pregnant at the time, and she gave birth to two bucks last month. All is good, they tell me the brother of the doe is real good around the kids. Best of luck starting your goat farm, its a great experience. Wish we lived closer! I have two wether brothers for sale! lol.
    good luck! Mary Colman
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