Pinnacle, NC


October 7

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

Pinnacle Hills Goat Farm

If you have a website, what's the URL?


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  • Happy birthday! Hope you're having a good one!
  • A Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!!!! :)
  • Yes we did get Grover this weekend. He and the boys are adjusting well. However, the boys are being a bit tough on him- letting him know that they are boss. Beasly is especially hard on him, but we are working on getting them to like each other. Today was a rainy day, which made matters a bit worse. I will work on some pictures soon.
  • Welcome to the Working Goats Group!! I will be updating the page soon, so stay tuned!!
  • My email: levisc1@hotmail.com
  • Hi Mary,
    Great talking to you the other day. I am back in NC. My husband are anxious to come see your goats the weekend of 10/23. We will be in touch as the time nears.
  • We will call you to plan our visit before we head that way. We are definitely interested in taking both of them home with us. They are both wethers, are they polled (disbudded)? The other little guy that we are getting in November is. Jest checking for safety reasons.
    I am currently traveling for a few days, but will be back home next week. I will call to touch base with you them.
  • Ooops saw the website. They are adorable. When were they born? Where are you located in relation to 40 (421)? We will be that way the weekend of 10/23. Would that be a good weekend to come see them?
  • I would love to see your website and /or pics of the wethers that you have available. We have reserved a wether- polled- and will be picking him up on the weekend of 11/13. I am so excited to hear about these and am really interested.
  • Mary,
    You stated that you have 2 wethers for sale. We are heading to West Jefferson at the endf October, and are planning on visiting some places that have wethers. And bring at least 2 with them. How old are your wethers? How much are you asking for them? Do you have a website. I may be interested.
    Looking to hear from you.
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