Hello from Ontario, Canada

Hello all, my name is Aileen, I have a very small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I have 4 females ( between 8-10 mths old) and 2 males (6 mths) . Currently trying to bred them (10mth old one) ... not sure if I've been successful or not.I came to this…

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Breeched birth

Got a Toggenburg/Guernsey mix did not knw she was actually pregnant whewn I got her. Seller didnt know either, runs a fairly unsupervised herd. She was bred with a Kiko. Baby was too big. Miscarriage was in late December. No long term effects, she…

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My milk goat and I are both new to milking. The kid is 4 weeks old or so, and I separate her at night and milk in the morning, and then she's with mom all day. My milk goat will only let me milk about a cup or so before she's either kicking me off…

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Late miscarriage?

I have a doe who would have been due on or around Jan. 10. However about 5 days ago we had a bear get into our barn. Because we had the girls in the barn we had left out LGDs with the boys in the pasture. So one he pushed in he basically had a free…

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 our girls are really getting big now, and showing . they will be due late March early April, we r so excited .  we wanted, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.   will keep u all posted later, bout our girls

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My ND goats

Hi everyone! I thought maybe you all might want to see some pictures of my goats. So here they are, I hope you enjoy them...

I'm glad they don't mind the snow, because we're sure getting a lot this year!…

10604000297?profile=original 10604000865?profile=original

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A Year (and a half) in Review

Bought the kids July 2015. Bred Mira January, first travel and goat-sitters March, babies June, learned how to milk, sold babies August, started playing with chevre and cheddar, built cheese press, rigged a sort of cheese cave, expanded goat yard, added more play structures for the goats...

...and I keep putting off the eternal question from Willow, "Can I keep another doe next year?" I keep waiting for the proverbial bloom to fall. I waited to see if she'd get tired of the constant…

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Old Haunt Blog Announcement!

Hi Folks!

I'm announcing my new (still being edited and added to, but published) farm website complete with blog! I wanted to put the blog link here, since it's about my recent (and first) kidding experience. I've gotten a TON of support here over the past few weeks, and I thought I'd share this story with you as a sort of thank you! I hope you enjoy it! Here's the link...…

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If you’ve ever had a goat with wonky knees, today’s episode will shed some light on the problem. When a goat has carpal hyperextension, it means that the knees bend backwards rather than being straight.
We are joined today by Dr. Erica McKenzie, Professor of Large Animal Medicine, Oregon State University and Dr. Leah Streb, 3rd year Laboratory Animal Medicine Resident, UC Davis, who are just putting the finishing touches on the…
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I recently got a worried email from someone who thought her goat mama was rejecting her kids because she was walking away when they were nursing. In this video, I'm talking about normal goat mama behavior and how to know that your babies are getting enough milk.
For more information, check out ...
Basics of Bottle Feeding Goat Kids: https://thriftyhomesteader.com/bottle-feeding-goat-kids/
How many kids can a doe feed? https://thriftyhomesteader.com/how-many-kids-can-doe-feed/
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If you had an ultrasound on your goat, watch this video to find out exactly how accurate (or not) ultrasounds are for determining pregnancy, counting kids, determining sex, and calculating a due date.
For more information, check out ...
Is My Goat Pregnant? https://thriftyhomesteader.com/is-my-goat-pregnan/
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"Your Welcome!
Be sure to check out thriftyhomesteader.com for LOTS and lots of great info 
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"Thank you for the info! I will do some research!"
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"Hi Laura!
And welcome to the forum. 
Be sure to read the articles that Abby shared with you. Lots of great info there. 
I would advise to avoid getting pregnant goats to start out. There is MUCH information to be learned about caring for goats before biting off the potential complications of pregnancy and kidding. 
If I had it to do over again, I would have started with a couple of wethers. They are easy keeps with basic needs for nutrition and care in general, and a great place to start for…"
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"Hi Laura! Glad you've joined us. Check out these articles.https://thriftyhomesteader.com/many-goats-start/https://thriftyhome..."
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Hi everyone! My name is Laura, and I'm here because I want to do some research about goats! I raise AMHA/AMHR miniature horses as well and will have two foals this year, so no stranger to farm and breeding! I'm just wondering a couple of things. I want to make sure I like raising goats and am able to care for them properly before I really get into it. Should I get one or two bred grade does to start with to see if I like it? Just so I don't spend a bunch of money on something and decide it's…
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It is vitally important that baby goats get colostrum within the first few hours of birth. You should not leave the barn until you know they have nursed multiple times. To learn even more about colostrum, check out our podcast episode with Dr. Robert VanSaun from Penn State University. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/colostrum-for-baby-goats/
Check out my blog post on ...
Raising Baby Goats: Essential Tips for Success: https://thriftyhomesteader.com/raising-baby-goats/
Basics of Bottle Feeding…
Feb 22
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One of the students in my Goat Parasite class is going to be moving and has some questions about how parasites might be a problem for their goats during and after the move.
For more information, check out ...
Testing Goats for CAE, CL, and Johnes: https://thriftyhomesteader.com/testing-goats-for-cae-cl-and-johnes/
Rotational Grazing for Goats: https://thriftyhomesteader.com/rotational-grazing/
Goat Worms: A Complete Guide to Winning the War in Your Pasture:…
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You can save over $200 if you take a box of cattle boluses and turn them into goat boluses! Goat boluses cost 50 cents per gram (4 grams x 12 boluses for $24). Cattle boluses cost 13 cents per gram (30 grams x 20 boluses for $80), so if you use a box of twenty 30-gram cattle boluses, you can make an equivalent amount of goat boluses that would have cost you $300, saving you $220! (Because you only paid $80 for the cattle boluses)
Free Online Copper Deficiency Course:…
Feb 13
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One of the students in our goat birthing course said that she can't get alfalfa hay in her area, and her goats are less than thrilled with alfalfa pellets, so here are a couple of suggestions for getting goats to eat hay pellets. This also works for getting bucks to eat grass hay pellets if you can't find grass hay in your area (or can't find enough).
For more information, check out ...
Feeding Alfalfa Pellets to Goats: https://thriftyhomesteader.com/feeding-alfalfa-pellets/
What do goats eat?…
Feb 13
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One of our Goats 365 members recently asked if she should get her hay tested. Of course, it depends, so here's why you may or may not want to do that.
For more information, check out ...
What do goats eat? It depends! https://thriftyhomesteader.com/what-do-goats-eat-it-depends/
What’s the Difference Between Alfalfa and Grass Hay? https://thriftyhomesteader.com/whats-the-difference-between-alfalfa...
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