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Introducing myself

Hello everyone , my name  is Miriel,  my  husband Bill and I Iive in Burrillville,Rhode Island on almost 3 acres, we raise Alpacas, and now I decided to get two Nigerian Dwarf  Goats,  my goal is to raise them for the milk to make yogurt. Cheese, soa

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New Goat Owner

Hi thank you for letting me join this group. I am new to having goats and just brought home two 9 week old NDGs wethers (brothers) today. I have experience with sheep but know that there are differences in caring for each of them. I primarily wanted

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New Member Intro

Thank you all for allowing me to join the group.  My wife and I will be adding three Nigerian Dwarfs this spring to our family.  We currently have a miniature horse, full grown goat, Nigerian Dwarf (male), goose, duck, six guineas, six outdoor cats,

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Hello Everyone,

My husband and myself, with our 17 year old son, currently live in Montana on 26 acres with our little heard of 12 Nigerian dwarf goats, 2 dogs, chickens, and will soon have a few more piglets, as our last two are in the freezer! I li

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Hi everyone

My name is Annie and I live with my husband at Tambo Upper in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.   

I recently purchased two ND goats, a buck called Bruno and a wether called Anthony.  They are beautiful boys and I love them to bits.  I am also get

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