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Kidding Difficulties

Hello! I have a goat, who in the past, has had difficult kiddings. The first kidding happened two weeks before her due date (Bred: 11\12\18? Due Date: 4\11\19 Kidded on: 3\30\19) . The kid was born with its head touching its spine, thankfully it was

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Bleeding during pregnancy

Last year I had a doe miscarry and Deborah mentioned that bleeding is not always a sign of miscarriage. The doe last year did miscarry but she bled bright red blood for 4 days. She was 8 weeks along. Now today I let my girls out of the barn to find a

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Doe turned aggressive

Last year, I had to help my 4 year old ND doe (her first kidding) with a very large stuck baby. The kid was over 4 lbs, head first, but front legs back. So hard to get hold of to help, and it took so long the baby died. (No vets available as they wer

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A strange bad year

Hello all,

I just had the worst weird kidding season. I bred 3 of my does for late summer early fall so far so good there I breed them for that because our winters are terrible at this elevation, now here is the weird part Maddie had a single bucklin

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Weak kid

I have a kid who was born yesterday and I’m trying to determine if she is just tiny and weak or if there is something else going on like a selenium issue or other problem. Her front legs are perfectly strong and normal but her back legs are very weak

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Singleton Nursing...

I have a buckling who is a week old. We lost his sister (that's another post) so he is alone. We had a rough start with momma (FF) not wanting him...was 5 hours before he nursed much...but now he is nursing well, though he does have a side preference

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Earlier in the fall I bought a new doe that Inintensed to practice AI on. It soon became evident that I would not get the chance to do that because she was already pregnant. When I brought this up to the seller she kind of said oops sometimes my buck

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How much milk to keep on hand

I have a doe who has a single (twin died during birth). I have been milking her from day 1 and froze the colostrum for emergencies. I am wondering how much milk should I keep in the freezer for future kids that might need it? I do not bottle raise, b

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Our First Kid!!!

We had our first kid born last night!  He was a singleton buck and is the cutest little guy we've ever see.  The delivery went well and was very quick...or at least it was a lot quicker then I was imagining it would be. 

Our doe is a FF and was very

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FF rejecting one of her twins

This is our first time breading our NDG and one of the dams is rejecting one of her twins. I don't know why this is happening or how to get her to re-welcome her kid. The only thing I can think of is that she lost her dams scent when people were here

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Preparing for bottle babies

I want to be prepared in case we end up having bottle babies when our does kid in late April.  I've read that the kids (should) get colostrum right away.  Both of our does are FF and this is our first time having kids.  Both of our does came to us as

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