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Hello everybody,

I don’t own any goats yet but I’m planning to get some nigerian dwarves soon.

My question is: does anybody use the ND milk to make chocolate pudding? Does it taste good? Do kids like it?

How much ND milk does it take to make 3.5 ounc

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I need to change from two milking a day to one. What are the best (easiest on my doe) ways to do that? I think she is about one month pregnant. She has been giving a pint of milk each milking. Thanks for any suggestions. Barb

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Ornery Milker ?

Happy new year, goat friends!  I have a question about one of my milkers.  I'm not sure if I should be concerned, or up my patience/stubborn game.

I have a VERY ornery doe.  She came to me (unexpectedly) as a first freshener three summers back.  I h

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What causes low %BF

I just got milk test results back form my new doe.  She has freshened 3 times.  She is in week 12 of her lactation cycle.  The test gave a result of 2.4%!  That seems shockingly low for a ND.  What could cause this?  And is there anything I can do to

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Milk taste

In November I purchased a new doe as I decided I want to improve my herd.  She is 4 years old, and has freshened twice before coming to me.  She was already bred when I bought her.  She comes from wonderful lines, and milk scores on both Dam and Sire

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Sweetlix Mineral

I have been giving Sweetlix Meat Maker to our does for about five years now. Shame on me, but I just recently discovered a Sweetlix mineral designed specifically for dairy goats. In doing a little research, some still prefer the Meat Maker even for t

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