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Best places to sell goats?

Well, we have officially decided to make the move to Alabama, as my dad was offered a job there. I went back in forth in my mind trying to decided whether or not to keep my goats and bring them to AL, or if I should sell them in Arizona. I ended up d

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Found homes for my goats!

Just wanted to update that I was able to find homes for all my goats. My two wethers went to a home where they will be loved as pets/weed eaters. My does went to the former owner of my buck, where they will be bred to a nigerian dwarf buck. And my bu

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ISO of Moonspots!

Decided that I need to add some moon spots to my herd , so the search is on for two does. :)   Prefer blue eyes to go along with those pretty spots and a great pedigree.  But a great pedigree with heavy moon spots and brown eyes is ok too.   


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Wethers for sale

A woman emailed me from my Facebook page; she is looking to sell her 2 wethers.  She has had them since they were bottle babies...they were pets for her and her small daughter.  She has since had to go back to work full time and hasn't been able to s

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