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Campgrounds and goats

We are about to depart on our relocation from the west to the east coast, 3040 miles with 4 does +1 dog + 1 7 year old + parents in toe.  Husband is driving the rental van and I am driving the pickup with the goats.  We plan on staying in campground

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Ride needed!

My new Nigerian buckling needs to hitch a ride from the Portland, OR area to the Spokane, WA area, or even somewhere in between.  If anyone plans to make that trip and could bring him along, I will help with your gas expenses.  Something to consider:

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Flying Goats?

I have an offer on one of my does, and the buyer is on the other side of the country. I think the doe is bred, but not positive. If she is, she is due sometime between the end of Feb and the end of March. We were supposed to ship her just after the n

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