Tammy Gallagher replied to Patty Meyer's discussion Is he for sure a wether??
"Alexis- forgive me if this comes through twice. It is hard to tell who the reply goes to since they changed the layout here :/
If his scrotum is the size of or smaller than the little guy on the left below, you have a wether. By 3 months of age…"
Sep 21, 2022
Tammy Gallagher replied to Patty Meyer's discussion Is he for sure a wether??
"Little guy on the right in the photo you provided. Would be the one on the left in my photo ;)"
Sep 21, 2022
Tammy Gallagher replied to Patty Meyer's discussion Is he for sure a wether??
"If his scrotum is the size of the little guy on the right, you have a wether. By 3 months of age testicles are quite large and hang deep down to the bottom of the scrotal sack,away from the body.  If you feel his testicles, they should be quite…"
Sep 21, 2022
Alexis Bond replied to Patty Meyer's discussion Is he for sure a wether??
"I am having the same issue and it makes us a bit nervous. We actually had the vet do burdizzo. She didn't recommend it but I wanted the lower pain. I also wanted someone with experience who I felt should know for sure she has the right spot. She had…"
Sep 21, 2022

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  • I love your avitar!  Looks so much like my Miss Kitty.  :)


    New Market, AL2771470370?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Hi Patty,

    Thanks for your message. Very nice to hear from you and I am happy to be a part of this Nigerian forum.

    I am glad you have Wren Farm Cup Cake at your farm. She was a real sweetie as a kid. I have several of her 1/2 sisters in my herd and I like all of them. Wren Farm Lily and Wren Farm Ethel (both 1/2 sisters) have become wonderful milkers and done very well in the show ring. Lily had one of the highest LA score in my herd last year "87" (the LA appraiser really liked her wide rump - which I understand is something needing improvement in the Nigerian breed).

    A couple of updates on our farm - we have our 2013 "Breeding Schedule" completed and posted at our web site. We have an emphasis on some wonderful Sugarcreek, Gay-Mor and Rosasharn matches this year. We now have 5 milking star goats (1* & 2*) in our herd (2 earned their stars last year and 3 more this year). All our still milking strong here the end of October (having kidded last March). Also we have deiced to try and reduce our herd a bit more and have put 3 very nice does for sale - 2 junior does and 1 senior.  Let me know if you have any questions.   

    Are you still milking? Are any other Nigerian breeders still milking? We usually try and milk through November or early December (8-9 months). We have a few farm direct sales of our milk and of course we love having our own yogurt, ice cream, etc.

    Has everyone herd that it is confirmed the ADGA national show will be in St. Paul, MN in July 2013!  Exciting news for those of us here in MN.  Hope people will plan to come.

    Thanks again for having this forum!    Allan


  • Hi Patty..thanks for the good words on my photography! Nice to meet u :)

  • Hi Patty, the cut on Sumac's teat seems to be healing but her milk is still coming out of the hole. I will get the vet to look at it because I'm going to have to take her to the clinic tomorrow as I think she has dislocated her shoulder. I have no idea what happened, she was limping at milking time this evening and there's definitely something funky looking happening with the joint. Apparently the weird stuff happens to her.

  • I think it could be me stalking you because I found the link to here on your blog and I have had your blog open on my computer all day with the intent of reading it before I go to bed tonight lol.

    Love your photos btw and your goats are so pretty.


This reply was deleted.