June 6

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  • I'm sad to hear that you're getting out of goats, but it sounds like it was the right decision for now. Perhaps some day it will work again for you!

  • Hi Marin,

    Nice to hear from you, there aren't many ND breeders in Canada.  In Nova Scotia, I find that Pygmy is often used interchangeably with Nigerian Dwarf, unfortunately. 

    Yes, I'm bringing in does and a buck from several different lines in New England. I noticed your post about the import requirements changing to include bucks, do you know when that's happening?

  • I wouldn't think it would cause a problem with eating because they have no teeth on the top anyway. As long as his molars line up, he should be fine. It is a disqualification in the show ring. However, I'm assuming his future is meat anyway, so shouldn't be a problem.

  • Hi Marin-

    I'm wondering how Sumac is doing?  It's such a strange thing that's happened to her that I can't stop wondering how she's healing.  Hope all's well for her and for you!

  • Hi Marin, I'm a fairly new goat owner,  I've had my doe and wether for about two years now and my doe just recently was a first freshner (July 24th!) to two bucklings.  I was really interested in your usage of breast milk on eye irritations since one of my baby boys has a little bit of white discharge coming out of the corner of his left eye.  There is no swelling or any other problems, so I tried to take your advice and tried to milk her so I could put some in her baby's eye but she had never been milked before and kept running away from me ( she lets her babies milk just fine!) the little stinker!!  So I have started a saline rinse followed by a little antibiotic ointment I hope it works, but I'm not giving up on future goat milk applications (especially if the antibiotic ointment doesn't help).  Wish me luck!  Sorry this is so long:)

  • We have the least expensive monitor I could find ($15) and it picks up sound from a good distance. We have it at the end of the barn closest to the house, and the goats are at the other end of the barn -- so about 60 feet away from the monitor. It doesn't pick up little sounds, but it does pick up screaming from either does or kids. It will pick up softer sounds if it's closer to them, but it doesn't work for us because we have a metal barn, so we need to have the monitor next to the open door so there is no metal between the monitor and the receiver in our house.

  • Congratulations! That is wonderful news!
  • Happy birthday!
  • We have 32 acres with a 1/3 acre pond. The duck population varies from 4 to 15, depending upon coyotes. The ducks only range out over about 10 acres. They're pretty much home-bodies. We don't have that many muscovies any longer. Actually we're down to 3 Cayugas, 2 muscovies, and 1 Indian runner that is 9 years old. I'm thinking of ordering another 15 this summer -- maybe Rouens this time.
  • Congratulations! What page is the story on? You should post about it in the "Goat Friends" forum.
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