Mobile, AL


February 7

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

BentPennyAcres (registered as"BentPenny" )

If you have a website, what's the URL?


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  • Sorry for the late reply! Thanks Margaret. I love my nigerians. My last name is Peachy so Peachy Keen is pretty fitting. LOL

  • Hi Margaret,  I guess I already found it, since here is my comment that started everything.  I guess I just need to navigate and set up my own page to make it interesting.  I think Tassie is the first on mine.  Thanks for your input :-)



  • Thanks for the welcome Margaret. This should be fun!  And a great way to communicate with people with similar interests.  I think I will post a picture of my doe with a very interesting face.  She has a white blaze on her face.  Everyone thinks her face is crooked because of it.  I think it is too much of a coincidence that it could be both.  I have tried dying her white, but it wasn't dark enough to hide it.  I am not that great with computers, but I think I can post these pictures. 


    Pat Lange

    West Jordan, UT

  • Thanks!  We're in a bit of a warm spell right now, and the huge bunch of snow (probably about thigh deep) is starting to melt.  Fingers crossed that Spring is coming soon!  Alabama huh?  Wow!  Have you ever been to the northern part, to Talladega County?  My 5 greats grandfather (my favorite ancestor ever!) lived out the last few years of his life there, so it holds a soft spot for me.  Someday I intend to go there and see the area for myself.

  • Just in case you missed it -- I sent you a private message a few days ago! :)

  • Margaret, I think you're a dear, sweet person!  :)  You have blessed me so much in the last couple of days, and I'm sure if you could you'd run right over and take care of all of us.  Thanks for sharing your life with everyone here.  Hugs!

  • yes, i do love the chamoisee - that doe Noak has that same color - only she has some white.

    my favorite pic of him is the 5 month old pic at the bottom where you can see his back leg muscle flexed. ^^ 

    Now, if only he would grow a nice beard like Ezaray. LOL - the big lug.

  • Red Ribbon
  • Now Margaret, what makes you think that any of my cherubs are spoiled? Little goats have needs too...  Wow...and BeaBea's baby will be here in about 3 wks!  Too pretty.  Hope to catch up with you in the spring or sooner if the weather is good.

  • Hi! I sent you a message through the email on here, but since you haven't responded, I thought maybe it didn't go through. I want to quote you in my goat book, and the passage is in that email. Let me know if you didn't get it.

This reply was deleted.