Livingston, MT

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Chaverah Farm

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  • Thank you Kare! I am looking forward to reading all I can about the goats. I'm so happy to have some hands on experience available on this site. We are making a place ready for the goast to arrive in late December. I shall keep in touch! Jill

  • Thanks Kare,


    I'm in the process of building my herd and learning everything I can. I have found this site and networking with other Dwarf Nigerian dairy farmers to be the best thing I've come across. In addition to the goats, I'm also raising/training Guinea Fowl and chickens and have a great start on my orchard and garden.. Unfortunately, one of the last things to add to my farm is my house.. LOL.. I couldn't stand another minute in Tacoma, WA and had bought a nice, forested 5 acre parcel a few years ago with the intention of building.. Between dealing with my kids in school, septic plans, well plans, house plans, permits.. blah blah.. we made the leap onto our homeless farm and should be breaking ground next Summer.. Fun eh??


    I am a very outspoken person, so you'll probably be seeing me in posts, messages, and blogs on a regular basis.. Once I have goat milk.. LOL.. I am very eager to learn and try cheese making.. and yogurt (I've gotta do something with all of my fruit and berries).. and ice cream.. The list goes on..


    I checked out your page and am VERY impressed with your professionalism on your site.. It's informative, direct, and easy to navigate.. It's nice to know I can reach out to experienced dairy farmers and breeders.

  • Wow!  that will be a great pairing and would be a great buck to have if I can work it out:D 



  • Thank you for the welcome.  I hope to spend some time combing through the site.  We have 2 weathers, a doe and a brand new kid as of Wed. (9/7)
  • OMGoodness you are in Montana!  Do you know how long I've been looking for someone with your standards within a days drive:D  I'm so happy you found me:D I love Ferdinand! Do you ship frozen semen?
  • Thanks I am very interested in how to make yogurt, cheeses etc.  We are getting a doe next week who will be ready to breed this fall so by next spring we will be milking.  I am trying to learn as much as possible before so I can be prepared.  Thanks for the birthday wishes....
  • I'd love to send our almost-100 degree temps your way!
  • I think crunchy came from "granola" as a descriptive term...
  • lol Chewy. It's not QUITE crunchy (a term used to described the "hippy" lifestyle) I'm a hippy at heart, and most of my un crunchy friends would probably argue that I AM crunchy... but I like the middle ground... so I started calling myself chewy. lol
  • Hi Kare, Thanks for your birthday e mail and for checking out the blog/website. It is so fun isn't it? You website is lovely. So much cool information!

    I'll be back to visit it! Happy spring.


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