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December 5

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

MigMog Acres

If you have a website, what's the URL?


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  • Thanks Rachel!!! That makes sense now. For the life of me I couldn't figure out What DIM meant!!! :)
  • Hi Rachel, I have a question about some barn records that I got from a woman who has a doe I'm interested in. However, it's Greek to me! Can you explain?

    Here are my numbers for Jazz:  2013 is her first freshening (triplet bucks).  I began to milk her at 15 DIM - She averaged 1.1 lbs/milking, twice a day milking (for DIM 15-25) and was nursing 1 kid (other 2 were re-homed)
    DIM 26-56 .93 lbs/milking , twice a day milking (kid re-homed 50 DIM)
    DIM 57-78 .8 lb/milking (once a day) - she was then dried up.

    Thanks a Million!
  • Here is Joan's contact information.

    home phone (253)-847-3562

    cell phone (253)-318-1778

    e-mail tahoma@ymail.com

    and she said to take your pick which one you want to use. I will tell you she is good about getting back to you by e-mail but not all ways fast.


    Mac's Rainbow Nigerians


  • thanks!

  • Raquel, talk to me about top bar bee hives. ^^ I no nothing about bees - except that I want some. I saw instructions on a Pinterest site but I dont like the roof he made. It is a blue barrel hive. How did you do your roof? And when you do have bees - do you open both holes - or just one. ??

  • still no kids or change in Pipers appearance...but her appetite sure is good...lol...she swiped my mixed nuts today... 

  • Thanks for the numbers Rachel. That is really sweet of you. I am going to fix her an emergency numbers board for goats and I will put them on there so they don't get lost along with some vet numbers and a few others.

  • Raquel, I looked at your artwork.  Is all of that you? The Mixed Media and Collage?  Those pics are incredible - wow. How cool is that?

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  • You are lucky to have someone close like that.
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