Dillon, MT


June 16

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  • More great questions! Yes, the harness comes with driving reins and it also includes a halter. I'm assuming you are training Nigerian Dwarfs, of which the pygmy harness fits wonderfully. :)

    There is a great book available from Caprine Supply that details a lot of the training --- I also have lots of resources and info available on the Working Goats group page.


  • Oh, and here's a link to some the working goat products that Hoegger offers:



  • Great question. :) Harnesses can be purchased through Hoegger Goat Supply, or you can sometimes make your own. If you are crafty, you can purchase one harness and then pattern it to make a second and safe a few dollars.

    As for a cart, my dad made all of mine, which are featured in my pictures. This one was made from two broom sticks, a set of bicylcle tires, and a sheet of plywood.  And this one is the same, but features a box design on top for hauling or giving rides. You can also use hay carts that can be purchased through TSC or similar places --- you'll have to make your own tounge. This one was purchased at the local TSC.

    Hope that helps a little. :)


  • Hello Kolti!

    Saw that you joined the Working Goats Group --- welcome!! I am the organizer of that group page. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with.

    - WG4

  • Hi Kolti, Nice to talk to you yesterday. Your so nice, wish you lived closer

  • Hi Kolti, good to hear from you and glad Dober is doing well.  That is exciting that you are getting into the registered NDs.  I have two does that just kidded two nights ago and one going today or tomorrow.  So hopefully we can catch up soon but things are pretty crazy right now.  BC (my blue eyed doe) did have her kids- but the only blue eyed kid was the last doe that was breach and she died before delivery. But her other three are doing really well at least!

    One of these days I will post photos.....

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