Pahoa, HI

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The Ginger Goat Farm

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  • It will be interesting to see what the deal is!! lol

  • Oh sweet, puppet shows, hubby and I years ago worked with a youth group that did puppets shows. The puppets even had a musical band!  Writing a kids book about kids.....well I just have to ask, people kids or goat kids....lol.......why not both :)

    Best to you! 

  • Deborah, I just checked out your website, how delightful.  Are you the author of these children's books?  That is really neat, I have always thought it woud be neat to write and illustrating a childs book.  I love working with kids......kids of all ages.....lol.  Oh your goats are just delightful too.  

  • You are certainly welcome.  I am still close to new myself and remember how long it took me to figure out where to post.  Sometimes I'm not sure I really do have it figured out.<g>

    And, thank you, I think they are cute too, not a bit biased.  But then, I don't think we can possibly go wrong with NDs - they are all so very cute and adorable.  Just big babies, they are. :-)

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