Lake Hughes, CA


September 11

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

RoseLane Minis

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Next time you are up here, if you have alittle time, please come by. I would love to meet you and share stories.

    I live on Banducci Rd., right off of Highline. My cell is 661-557-1113.


  • After a long morning, all is well and Buttercup had 3 kids. 2 bucks and a doe! Yay. First time here that there was a mixed sex birth. Pics to follow
  • Hey Tammy, I just wanted to tell you that I have been looking at all of your pics and not only are you good at capturing nice angles (kid nursing) and often missed shots (kid about to poke hoof into the world) but you have some very pretty goats and kids. I know you must be real proud of how pretty your kids came out! I sure hope I get some that pretty!

  • There are a couple of conversations on here about disbudding. I have a Rhinehart X30 with the regular tip. The Nigerian/pygmy tip is really to small. We even get scurs with the regular tip on bucks sometimes.
  • The rumen is on the left side. It is so hard to know if they're pregnant by looking at their belly, unless they're really huge. Good luck!
  • If he's pooping yellow, it means he's getting something. If she has tiny teats, then it's probably not the exact same problem that Star's little kid had. Her teats were too long for her little kid's mouth.
  • My doe is a yearling, so I'm really surprised she had quads!
    If your doe doesn't want to let one kid nurse, it could be that he isn't nursing correctly. We've all heard of human babies that don't do it right, and it hurts the mom. Well, animal babies sometimes take a little while to get it right also. I was always confused by why a mom would reject one kid until Star -- the perfect mother -- rejected one of her kids when she freshened at age 9. I watched the little doe nurse and realized she was sucking on the very tip of the teat. I have pictures and wrote about it on my blog. The good thing is that the mamas are usually willing to let the kids try, but after a few sucks that hurt, they won't let them continue. Check out the link to my post. Hope it helps!
  • Welcome to the Working Goats Group Tammy!!!
  • I too love the spools! Builds a lot of muscle, which helps my goats win!!

    My dad found the spools at electric companys. When they finish using them, they give them away free!! I've gotten spools of all sizes that way! Some even too big! Try some places that deal with the telephone poles or electricty, etc.

    I believe the photo you are thinking of was posted by Crystal Swindell.
  • Oh yes - trimming! I am not allowed to do that anymore, seeing how I don't do it perfectly. My chicken-showing twin sis does that. She makes everything even and doesn't stop until the goat looks perfect. Which is fine with me, I've taken grand champion 5 years in a row, with two different goats!! But, with my 4-H career almost over, I've given up showing for training!! I love working with my goats! Maybe some day they will pull me in thier cart!!!

    And yes, I too enjoy little kids playing!!! Haven't had any kids here for two years though. :( But I do have a little wether who still acts like a kid!!

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