Johnson, VT


October 22

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  • Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)
  • Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one!
  • Congrats on the upcoming kids! If Chutney is really huge, it's because she's carrying lots of kids, not that she'll kid early. Goats are extremely prompt about giving birth between 145 and 150 days. A couple might go by 143, that's about as early as they get unless there is a problem.
  • Doesn't this look like Murray?
  • yeah no kidding! YIKES! I wonder just HOW big they'll get! hmmm I might need to save some $$$ to add on to my barn...:o)
  • yeah just like me! what do you want to know? LOL
  • LOL I Just happened to check out the page yesterday..LOL it is a handy spot!!!
    Because I LOVE MY baby goats! :)
  • no really now we have the blog network, facebook, msn and the goat channel? ha ha are we REALLY supposed to get snow tonight?
    Hey when is my vet coming up again? :)
  • Thanks! When I first started, I couldn't see how anyone would WANT to go to colleg,e but now I am actually enjoying it! Next week I have my last speech - Inspirational!
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