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Cheese yield

This is posted for the info about the cheese yield and not necessarily an endorsement for any product.  It has also been my experience when making cream cheese that my ND milk yields at least 20-25 percent more cream cheese than other goat milk.


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Milking Through?

Yesterday I took a tour of a Grade A dairy goat operation called Round Mountain Creamery. It was fascinating, and the owner was full of knowledge, although she has full-size goats. 

She told me about a new concept introduced by Australian goat keepe

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Soap Color?

I made some honey oatmeal soap today.  I added the lye mixture to the oils when the lye mixture was 100 degrees and the oils 106 degrees.  The milk was basically totally frozen when I added the lye, and the color was really quite white when I added i

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Thanks Deborah

I had a misguided idea that my doe I never milked would be fine nursing 1 kid after sending her son home on Tuesday. Having 3 goats, I was milking 2 and didn't milk this one as she was more difficult and other two easy. I was wrong- doweling couldn'

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how many milkers?

I'm sure there are as many answers to this question as members here, but out of curiosity how many ND milkers (milking average amounts) would be good for a family of 5 who like to drink milk, eat yogurt cheese and make soap? We're starting with two (

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Speed Eater?

Hey All, I feel like I've been blowing up the forum with posts the past few days... Thanks for all the help as I start this new endeavor! My latest question... Any good tips on slowing a doe down while she eats her grain on the stand? I have a doe

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