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Overachieving left side

Hey all- in the past few weeks, my doe's left side of her udder has started producing almost three times the amount of her right side.  Overall, milk production has gone up slightly so it seems that as the right side has become slightly less producti

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Cajeta = Heavenly!

Oh my goodness, I made a batch of cajeta (goat milk caramel sauce) today and it is amazing! It's so complex, creamy and not overly sweet. It certainly wasn't hard to do and it only needs a few ingredients. Though it did take a couple of hours and nee

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Goats got into feed!

Went out to the barn to milk this evening and discovered many of them had gotten into the feed room!  Not sure how they got in (probably let in by our clever and sneaky wether) nor how long they were there, but 8 goats can do significant damage in 3

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Milking once a day..

HI everyone,

Needing some advice with a First Freshner.

I have sisters who kidded first time this year, both gave me twins which was lovely. 

One doeling has taken really well to milking her sister is a whole other story.  I have managed to milk her

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Cut on teat

At first milking today, Ginger's left teat had a cut on it.  I have no idea how she got it unless it was from blackberry vines that had been cut and put in their pen.  She freshed on March 8th (babies delivered dead) and I started milking her late on

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