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Milking Does

Hello! Okay, so I am sure you all know by now that I do not have milking does. However, when attending shows and trying to to promote the Nigerian, the most common question I cannot answer is "How much milk can they provide compared to a larger bree

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I am a little on the technology challenged side so I think I was supposed to introduce myself here instead of on "My Page". My husband and I have a small farm in Florida. We have been boarding horses for about 12 years but 2 years ago we were at the

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Hoof Trimming

I am looking for input: How do you know when it is time to trim hooves? Do you do it yourself or have a vet do it? How difficult is it to do it properly if you have never done it before? Are there any helpful websites or books if you DIY? Any other t

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Kids Adjusting

We got our 2 wethers (3.5 months old) on Monday. They are fine at night, but they make a horrific bleating sound all day. Day 1 was horrible. I am surprised our neighbors will even talk to us and they don't even live too close. They sounds were ALL d

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Hello and some questions

We are planning on adding some family milk goats to our farm early next year. We're trying to learn as much as possible before then. What would you recommend as a starting point, in terms of purchasing goats. We love milk, cheese, etc, so our biggest

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Despite having 1.5 acres we still have neighbors directly to the north of our property, across the road to the south and I believe the land to the west may belong to someone but it so wooded that they don't use that portion. The east appears to be ve

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Predator Defense

I am wondering what is necessary and helpful to protect these little goats from predators. We have 2 young wethers- just picked them up today. We do not have a dog. They have a 4 foot fence around their house. Do we need to have the area lit up all n

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Okay. So for years I've been known as the weirdo who uses sawdust for stall bedding for my goats. So I thought it might be fun to start a poll. What kind of bedding does everyone else use and why? I think it will be fun to see what kind most people

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Traveling with goats

The Hybrid is certainly not large enough for 3 dogs and two goats so we are getting a truck...probably a 94 F150 from my sister to be used when transporting the goats. We Travel about 3 weeks a year, and while we could likely find someone willing to

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