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Housing for Bucks

I am finally going to build a structure for my bucks! I am working on creating the design right now, so I wanted to see if anyone had some tips or suggestions. I am struggling to find how big this shelter should be (how much square footage should a g

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We are hoping to get some ND goats soon for milk. We would like to utilize rotational grazing if possible. Any fencing suggestions? I read in Deborah’s book that you could use 4 livestock panels? Has anyone had luck with that? Any portable shelters y

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Kidding Difficulties

Hello! I have a goat, who in the past, has had difficult kiddings. The first kidding happened two weeks before her due date (Bred: 11\12\18? Due Date: 4\11\19 Kidded on: 3\30\19) . The kid was born with its head touching its spine, thankfully it was

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New Member Intro

Thank you all for allowing me to join the group.  My wife and I will be adding three Nigerian Dwarfs this spring to our family.  We currently have a miniature horse, full grown goat, Nigerian Dwarf (male), goose, duck, six guineas, six outdoor cats,

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Bleeding during pregnancy

Last year I had a doe miscarry and Deborah mentioned that bleeding is not always a sign of miscarriage. The doe last year did miscarry but she bled bright red blood for 4 days. She was 8 weeks along. Now today I let my girls out of the barn to find a

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