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I swear... I'm going to scream if I have to post one more "I hope she's pregnant and then NOPE she wasn't!" post!!

This is Ginger today:

Here is what she looked like in October of 2010 when I bought her:

I'm just hoping that it's REAL this time, and not just plumping from the grains she got when I thought HARRIET was pregnant!! lol

Fingers crossed for me. She'd be due around the 23rd of May if she's pregnant!

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Hmm . . . I'd put my money on "pregnant." If she's due May 23, you should start seeing some udder development in another month. Fingers crossed for you! :-D

Just curious, do you ever do blood testing for pregnancy?

Charmaine, I haven't. I don't have the money to pay a vet to draw blood, and I haven't mastered that skill yet. I know a few farmers that can/will show me, I just haven't done it.

Deborah, I hope you're right!! She's def. that big no matter what time of day it is... first thing in the morning, or after a full day of grazing. I'm keeping my eye out for an udder soon! :)

I know with my does I could always feel the babies.  If you feel around on her side can you feel baby parts?  She definitely looks pregnant! LOL  Good luck I hope she is for you :0)

Not feeling babies yet, Janel!

My does are all supposed to be due between April 24 and May 22, and they look about as big as Ginger, but I can only feel babies for sure (but I use for sure loosely, LOL!)  in one of them.  I hope we're all going to be happy goat mama's by the end of May!

Here's hoping, Patty!!

She looks pregent not just plump Sure hoping she is for you

O.K. I have to chime in here. I soooo sympathize with you . Waiting to find out about pregnancy is unbearable. I just got results from a bioPRYN blood draw 2 weeks ago myself. It is such a stress relief. Only cost 15.50 for a starter kit to do like 11 test. Get bold if you can't do it FIND someone to show you. If I can find help I am sure you can too. I did get lucky when I called a herdslady close to me off her web site. It was great. I put 2 goats in a dog crate and took off. She helped and I sent off my first two blood draws. They will bill me at end of month. 4.00 cae & 6.00 preg I think so 10.00 bucks (no pun intended) per doe. both were cae neg. and the one I hoped and was pretty sure was preg. was a VERY high positive. We are thrilled and totally stress free. Do it sweety, I know you can! Bless your herd! 

Thanks for the encouragement you guys!! Margaret, I know it's just me keeping me from doing the draw. I just have to find time to have someone teach me! Thanks. :)

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