Harrisburg, OR


September 26

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

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  • Hi Julia!


    Java is doing great.. His cough passed.. Must have been a mild cold.. and yes, he tries his best with the does.. Lord knows the little guy is covered in enough pee to seduce any doe.. lol..


    We're on a pretty constant vigil keeping an eye on our young ones.. both bucklings and doelings.. the youngest doeling is getting to be "that age" and is WAY too young to breed and those bucklings are bound and determined to get at them.. Talk about a fencing test!! Java, along with Buster, will not leave their area for walks because of the does.. the girls cry and of course the "men" have to stick around.. Just in case.. lol..

  • If they had a chronic infection, I think they'd be dead at this point or at least in really bad shape. Could it be dusty hay? Or do you live near a dusty road?
  • Good Morning Julia!


    I just went to your site to check out your bucklings.. I REALLY like Java Chip and was wondering if you've ever shipped a goat before? At the moment with my two-legged kids in school I'm not sure when I'd be able to make the trip to southern Oregon to pick him up..



  • The muscles just aren't quite developed yet. Whenever that has happened here, the ears always stand up at some point. The longest I've seen it take is about two weeks. Some straighten up within a few days. If it's a buck, and the ear never stands up, no doubt someone will think it's totally adorable and want him as a pet.
  • Thank you, that worked! So fun to see all your goats! I am about to start making soap... have you sold much of it?
  • I can't seem to find your website....even doing a search for it.... Maybe the web host is having problems? I'll keep checking. And congrats on all your wins! How exciting!
  • Thanks Julia, do you have a website? You have some nice pictures. who is your buck out of?
  • Friday as in tomorrow? :) What time will you be through? Figure about 30 min before you hit grants pass. (I'd meet you in Canyonville) COOL!! I am so excited to be able to GET some!! I'll take 5 of them. Depending on what time you'll be through, I should be able to meet you! I'll PM you my phone number.
  • lol OK! I had to ask... I thought MAYBE there was another town in Oregon similar, that I didn't know about!!
  • Do you mean Harrisburg? I know where that is! I'll keep my ear to the ground on anyone looking!!
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