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April 13

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  • Hi Genie hows persia? She should be kidding soon. Let me know what she has would love to see pictures

  • hi Genie sorry I did not make it to the meeting last week. My daugters batteried died and I had to give her a jump start. The conference was pretty good. I learned a few new things about goats and goat care. I also ran into another Nigerian Dwarf breeder we bought a doe from and may have one of my does sold after she kids. How is Persia? She sould be kidding pretty soon. Let me know how it goes.

    Thanks Julia

  • I ran across this web sit thought you might find it interesting http://www.tennesseemeatgoats.com/articles2/reproductiveprobs06.html
  • Thanks for letting me know about the spam. The person has been banned from the group.
  • Genie I had a lady that I know who lives in Cottage Grove ask me if I wanted her mini oberhasli. She is looking for a good home for her. She came from motherearthsfarms where I got dancer. I really can't take her even though I would like to. My husband just got laid off and we don't know when he will be back to work so we don't need another goat to feed but I thought you might be interested. When in milk she miks a gallon a day. She is 5 years old. She is half oberhasli and half nigerian dwarf. Let me know if your interested and I can give you her e-mail address. She just wants to give her to a good home.

  • Welcome Genie!! This website is so helpful. Deborah is so knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions. How many goats do you have? I have only 2 does that I am breeding for the first time this month. They were yearlings in March. I am so excited about the prospect! I dont have any experience showing, etc. But I do love goats!! How many goats do you have? I just got registered with ADGA, however, after the fact I see I couldnt saved $$ by registering/membership with AGS - oh well, live and learn :)
  • Welcome to the group! Hope you'll take a moment to introduce yourself in the "Introductions" forum.
  • Welcome, welcome!!! Glad you've joined us.
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