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COWP dose for kids

Looking through archives I've found several dosing recommendations for different weight ranges, the lowest being 1 gram per 20# body weight. What about kids (presently 2 wks old)? Doe has signs of deficiency, but also want to use for parasite control

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Heat lamp?

I am expecting my first batch of kids in 7 weeks and I'm getting together everything I need for the birth. I'm wondering if I need a heat lamp. I live in northern California(near San Francisco)and the temperature is usually between 58 and 70 year rou

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Kids on the Farm

My first kids to arrive on the farm, due November 30th

Vernal, the wether (right) & his sister Equinox (white face)2655739339?profile=RESIZE_320x320

Their Dam - Furthur Foolish Heart, first freshener.2655745161?profile=RESIZE_320x320

2655746759?profile=RESIZE_320x3202655743281?profile=RESIZE_320x320I would like to know what those more experienced with goat think of these kids and

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Goat kids with health problems

I have two little goat kids with some health issues.  Both are bucklings, same mama, same kidding.  About 3 weeks old.  They are both nursing, but aren't gaining weight like their brother.  

The vet says they have fluid in their lungs and pretty bad

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