• Ok then I'll probably wether them. They both have great personalities and love people. So I don't doubt they'll make great pets!

    Thanks everybody! 

  • And wethers are popular for back yard pets. :-)

  • I agree with everything Rachel said. All baby goats are adorable, IMO. I wether all bucklings out of first fresheners here, and I can't think of any good breeders who don't. A "good" dairy buck prospect is defined by how much milk his mother puts in the milk pail.

  • In my opinion, until you have an established herd, with does that you know well as far as production, there is absolutely NO good reason to keep a buckling as a buckling. Bucks with good genetics need to be proven, and until you have learned your doe, and her production, you just can't provide that for buyers. Until you can, there is no reason to add unknown genetics to the pool. To top that off, bucks are for breeding. Breeding ONLY... they stink, they are more aggressive, etc. and selling an in tact male for anything other than breeding dooms him to a life on the far side of the property with a buddy if he's lucky. Wethers make great brushers, pets, companions to does, etc... and they don't stink like a buck. That's just my two cents. :) 

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