My Crack Dealer Goat Breeder that I got my first two girls from, and breed my does to, called me yesterday and told me one of her does was ready to kid any minute!! I busted tail, and got to her farm as fast as I could to be able to watch!! It was kind of important to me, because my oldest doe should be kidding this June, and I really didn't want to be in charge and not have any idea of what is/isn't normal. I got to watch Misty give birth to TRIPLETS!!

The first was a teeny doeling. We thought the next would be a big buckling.

We were right. Seeing as Misty had only ever had single and twin births, and she wasn't very big, we thought she might be done. Except that it FELT like there might be a third in there.

Shortly after little Mr. arrived, out popped THE SMALLEST little bit of a doeling EVER. She is SO tiny!! But stood and got busy looking for mom's udder just as fast as the other two!!

I wish I had gotten a photo of the three of them all lined up!! They look like stair step babies!! lol  Check out little Mr. hanging out between mommy's front legs.

What a relief to get to have a normal birthing under my belt. It was also really nice to know that all the births I had watched as a kid served me better than I had thought!! I feel a lot less worried that I will miss something wrong with Ginger now.

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  • They are precious!!

  • Hej from Sweden,


    Rachel, you are soooo lucky! My Frida gave birth last March to twins. She was pregnant when we got her and had a rough idea when she was due. I just kept an eye on her and was able to see when her mood changes and when she actually started "nesting". That's how I knew she was going to give birth , soon. I could even tell where in her box it would happen. So we prepared the area and I had my husband put up the heating lamp in just the right spot. She gave birth during the worst winter we had ever had in that region of Sweden. It was soooo cold!!  I had spent every moment I could with her, hoping to witness her birth, but on the morning of the 16th of March, my husband went to a meeting at 7 am and before he got in his car, he checked in on our girls and Frida and there they were, 2 beautiful little ones, all clean and dry and snuggling mommy. It was just breathtaking to see them in our stall where before there were no babies. I can hardly wait to see the birth of one of our girls.

    I will try to attach photos of Frida and her babies, Keriana and Flynn.


    2771466759?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Frida and her twins, Keriana and Flynn.




    2771466490?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Frida and her babies and the babies daddy, Julius a Swedish Lantras goat. He was a very attentive gentle daddy.


  • I definitely feel like it will help!! I had seen a lot of birthings as a child myself, but I hadn't watched them from the perspective that I would have to be helping myself one day. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I had retained in a way that would be helpful when I was at this birth. Made me feel MUCH more confident.
  • I wish I had helped with a birth before I did my first.  I think things would have gone smoother. 
  • Nice! I did not get to witness a birth before hand, and I was only physically there for 1 baby to come out, but I sure did learn a lot that will help me next time around!
  • Really excited. Especially since if I have any doelings, I get to KEEP those. :)
  • Awesome! That's so exciting! I'm glad you got to see that. Now I bet you're really excited about your goats kidding!
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