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Hair loss around ears

I've got a doe who kidded a couple of weeks ago who has hair loss around her ears. Not just a patch, but pretty much hair loss on the whole ear, both of them. The hair loss forms a circle at the base of the ear where the hair loss begins and ends. I

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Dairy Goat Feed

I've been feeding my lactating does DuMor Sweet Feed for a couple of years. I add BOSS and top dress it with kelp. Quite often, the does will leave behind the pelleted part of the feed. Umbarger makes a dairy goat feed and doesn't really have pellete

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Buying 1st goat

We just recently moved back to my husbands home town for him to farm the family farm. I am new to everything that comes with living out here but have so far been raising my chickens. Goats are my next venture so we are going to look at what I am hopi

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I have not gotten my goats yet, but I will be getting them sometime soon. I plan on getting 2 wethers and 1 doeling. I have a few questions about food. First of all, can wethers and does eat the same food, or do they need different things? Secondly,

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First Goat Meat

We butchered our first goat kid today.  I am really looking forward to more after tonight's dinner!  We tried a couple of chops, the heart and the liver.  I liked the liver best, hubby the heart and chops and kids the chops.  Here are the stats:

It w

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Moldy Hay

Another learning opportunity?

I have been keeping a super close eye on my herd, spending hours out there to observe who is chewing cud, to give supplements, etc.  Tonite I went out right after they were fed (not by me) and noticed that there was mold

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Shivering Goat

My littles doeling, who is about 9 months old is shivering and doesn't want to stand this morning.  It is 8º, but was below zero last night.  I gave them all some grain before we shut them up for the night to help them stay warm.  WHen we fed them, s

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