It's the little things you remember...

HAHAHAHA!!! I am still laughing over what happened this morning! So I had to stay up really late last night because my computer died yesterday afternoon, and I had to outfit one of our home built machines for my needs. All my work is gone, at least temporarily...So I made a deal with David, who works a lot of nights, that he feed the goats at 6 am before he goes to bed. I told him what to do and how much to feed and everything, since he has not had to do it before....

They woke me up anyway... they started going off at 6 am and I did not hear him putting food in the bowls until 6:09...which is a long time to listen to Stanley holler.  I thought to myself, " Good, he's feeding them, they will be quiet soon and I can get right back to sleep."

NOT! A few minutes later they were going off again, and I thought it was unusual, but still figured they would settle down and eat shortly. Several minutes passed, and Stanley was still going on and on, so I got up and went out there. Thinking " They must just miss me or something, If I go out and pet them for a few minutes they will quiet down." LOL

I get out there and I start petting them...and talking to them...about eating their food. When I see that both bowls still have a lot in them. I have no glasses on but I noticed that whatever was in the bowls was a lot darker than the food they usually get. 

Guess what it was...just guess.

Goat minerals!

Daddy gave them the wrong food. No wonder they were screaming. I can just imagine the goats  dialogue:

Stanley: "I got minerals, what did you get?"
Sam: "Me too."
Stanley: What the heck are our parents thinking?
Sam: "I don't know, but I am still hungry."
Stanley: "Yeah, we should complain until we get food."
Sam: "Great idea... beepbeepbeepbeep" ::::

I don't know what was going through David's mind when he did that. He knows what the bags look like, and that they are different, for peat's sake, he was in the store with me and carried them to the car! Aside from the fact that the mineral bag has huge letters that say "MINERALS" right under where the bag is opened.

He said. " They didn't eat their food?" and I had to explain what happened. I got the goats their real food, and told them that Daddy didn't mean to give them the wrong food...and petted them.
Then I totally ragged on David for the next ten minutes and went back to bed laughing...

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