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Kids and Minerals

Hi all,

  At what age do most kids normally begin licking from the free choice mineral feeders?  Mine 4 wethers are about 10 weeks old and I brought them home from the breeder two days ago. They are on Kalmbach medicated meat goat feed and free choic

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Copper? Zinc? Selenium?

I’m seeing symptoms in my goats that I believe to be mineral related. However I’m not sure which mineral(s) if it is indeed a mineral issue. Hair loss on body usually sides or spine. No hair loss on face or tail. Flakey, white skin patches. Rear leg

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Feeding does

Both our girls had twins, and r doing great. But, wanted to make sure, we r feeding them enough. They r getting Purina goat chow, alfalfa pellets, and BOSS with all grass hay. Have been wormed, regular, But they act they r starving to death. Again, w

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I need some opinions on scales for weighing the kids. I would like to get some that are fairly accurate to the ounce for the newborns, without spending a lot on them right now. Anybody have a recommendation? 

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Dry Lot Question

Hi everyone,

  Could someone please explain exactly what  dry lot is?  I've read about them over and over but still haven't seen what that means exactly.  Our 4 wethers are coming this week and I've fenced a 20X22 area  lot off the barn to give them

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VitaFlex Selenium

Can I leave loose selenium vitamin E combo out like I would my regular minerals? The brand is VitaFlex I’ll include a pic of the mineral content. If I shouldn’t leave out free choice due to risk of toxicity what dosage would you recommend for a herd

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Heat lamp?

I am expecting my first batch of kids in 7 weeks and I'm getting together everything I need for the birth. I'm wondering if I need a heat lamp. I live in northern California(near San Francisco)and the temperature is usually between 58 and 70 year rou

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clean pasture


Our goats have a fully enclosed 12 x 16 paddock for sleeping and moving about when the weather is not so great and raining.  When its sunny out they spend time out in the pasture for goats (plants, grass) which is 125 x 125 foot area alongsid

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Introducing myself

Hello everyone , my name  is Miriel,  my  husband Bill and I Iive in Burrillville,Rhode Island on almost 3 acres, we raise Alpacas, and now I decided to get two Nigerian Dwarf  Goats,  my goal is to raise them for the milk to make yogurt. Cheese, soa

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