Maggie's doeling!!

Meet the newest addition to our little farm! I think I'm going to name her Lilith, after the fabled 2nd moon... since she faked us out so many times with her arrival (and her daddy's registered name is "Dark Side of the Moon").  Born last night.

Maggie was HUGE, so we thought for sure she had multiples in there, but just had the one big doeling 4# 6oz :)

Attached are 2 cute pics, and below are links to graphic video of the actual birth, and baby getting cleaned off, and first meal - enjoy! Husband Charlie is quite the cinematographer/commentator.

Birth of Lilith:
Maggie cleaning Lilith:
Lilith's first meal:



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  • Congratulations!  What a little cutie she is. :)

  • Congrats! Watched all your videos, really sweet, but did feel sorry for poor little Maggie trying to get that kido out. Real pretty girls. Oh, I had to rewind to see if I was hearing things when hubby said they typically eat the first born. LOL  He was really having a good time wasn't he? Makes me wonder if you have kids and if he was in on delivery. Sorry, I meant children not kids! 

  • Congrats on your new beauty!

  • Very cute! Congrats :0)

  • Awww, congratulations! What a cutie!

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