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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but when it's time to pick up my goat, how should i go about doing so?

I do have a horse trailer conveted for mini horses, but while that might be okay it's axle broke, so that's out.       I was thinking  about  putting  some trash bags down and put him in the back of my Mom's van, but i don't think she's happy with that plan. Any ideas??

How do you transport you babys short distance? tw it's about forty mins. away.

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Hi Corynn-

I'm assuming it's a nigerian dwarf?  If so, they're easily able to fit into a large dog carrier/kennel, like you would use for a lab.  That would be for a full size ND goat.  A young kid could fit into a smaller carrier.

Congratulations on your new goat(s)! :)

We transport our goats, kids and adults, in dog crates. They've travelled short distances in them, and long distances (we flew them here when we purchased them). Shavings or straw in the bottom absorbs urine. It works great for us.

There are people who have transported them loose but tethered in a car with no issues too.

If you're transporting a single ND kid, you don't even need a large crate. A small one would work in a pinch. As long as it's still young. If you're going to buy one, get a large dog crate, because it will be the right size when your goat is older. Perfect for transporting to a vet or taking a doe to her date. :)

Thanks Guys. It's a ND baby.  This helps beacuse my Father and Mother don't want the goat being, like in the back seat even with plasic down, so i'm going to use my dog crate, i think it will work fine. thanks very much all of you, now i can get my boy home without worry.

We have a truck so we just fill the bed with straw and ride in back with them. It'd probably be ok if you lay something down in back and sat with it, the only issue to worry about would be the mess. Though when we got one of our goats, she only went to the bathroom once during the whole trip, while our other goats went every chance they got. So you really can't know how much of a problem it would be.

I know this is an old post, but thought this might be of help to someone newer.

We don't have any goats yet, but we used a large rubbermaid in the middle of our van to carry a young lamb.  Worked well for us.  My husband drove and I was able to keep an eye on the lamb.  Our middle seats store, so we knew if there was an issue we could just sit one of the seats back up and have the bin lengthwise on one side of the van and have someone sit there.  

Picture below is us loading everyone up to head home.  :)

My first ND that I brought home was in a Rubbermaid tub container with a screen-type top over it so it could not get out.  Since they, I have gotten the largest dog crate that will fit in the back seat of my Prius (first generation) and could get two adults in it if necessary.  (Could have made that "in it if it is" <g>)  Before I ever used it for transport, I put it in their pen so they played in it so when it was transport time, it was no big deal for them.  My crate is the plastic type so any "accidents" stay contained, and I put hay in the bottom, hay versus straw as it is more absorbent just in case.

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