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Teff Hay for Wethers

Does anyone have experience using Teff hay?

I got my hands on some and stocked up for the winter--mainly because that's what was available by the time I got around to stocking up for the winter. A friendly acquaintance had grown it experimentally for

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Pellets VS Hay

I know hay would be optimal however until i get my pastures finished and in production finding good quality hay in my area is proving nearly impossible. Is it possible to feed pellets and grain entirely and forgo the hay until I am able to get my own

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How much food per day?

I am working on our farm plans and want to incorporate producing all of our goats food here on site. I am finding it really difficult to get any solid figures on how much of what per day.

How much hay per day? I free choice right now but if it was p

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Hay and Feeding 101

Okay, go totally "for dummies" on me here, because I know next to nothing when it comes to hay.  I have been feeding my girls half timothy hay and half alfalfa hay from Atwoods or TSC, basically free choice (I get out there and top the rack off a 2 o

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Hay Feeder Height

We are making a wooden hay feeder and I was wondering how high we should place the feeder. We are building a shelf w/lip underneath it to catch any hay that will drop and making a small trough type area that they will hopefully eat the dropped hay fr

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feeding brush

Hey there all, I'm new here, and I guess I need to introduce myself a bit before posing my question.

I'm from Alaska, and my husband and I have a home there, in a very small town. We're currently living in New Orleans, but we'll be returning to Alask

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