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Hello, newbie here and very computer illiterate so bear with me please. So happy to find you all. You have been both informative and entertaining. I have a couple of questions. Are the alfalfa pellets fed to goats, rabbit pellets or are they different? Where do I get the Black Oil Sunflower Seeds? Are they the same SS that you can buy for wild birds (like at wal-mart) or are they different? I noticed someone on here is in South Alabama. Well,hello! I am on the outskirts of Mobile and I didn't think there was anyone around here that had anything to do with these goats but me. Thanks so much!

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Welcome, Margaret! Black Oil Sunflower seed are indeed the same as the ones for wild birds. Most people I know buy the ones for birds. :) It's important to know that you shouldn't feed regular sunflower seeds because their hulls are too tough for goats to digest. Rabbit pellets are not the same as alfalfa pellets. You can look at the ingredients on a Rabbit chow bag and see that there are other things in there too. Alfalfa pellets are just pelleted alfalfa.

Thank you so much. That is just about what I expected. Can the BOSS be purchased at feed stores at a good price, or do they sale them? Do most feed stores sale the alfalfa pellets also? If it helps, we do have a fairly new tractor supply here now where I have started shopping. I really love that store? 

Welcome to the group!!

My farmer's Co-Op (feed store) carries both, and at reasonable prices. :)

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