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I need to give two goats something for coughing.  Would like to try Levamisole after reading diff discussions on here. All I can find online looks like it's in a packet and from Jeffers. Is that right??  If not where do I find it?? I have Ivomec, Cydectin and Valbazen in medicine chest. Looks like these are all diff from Levamisole. Help!!!

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Yes, levamisole is in a different class than the others you listed. It is sold as either a bolus, which is almost impossible to get down the throat of a ND, or a powder that you mix in water. Unlike most dewormers that are dosed at 2X the sheep/cattle rate, levamisole is dosed at 1.5 times the sheep rate and has a very small margin of safety. Because of the safety issue, I wouldn't use it unless nothing else worked.

You mentioned coughing, so I'm wondering if you have trouble with lungworm in your area. It isn't something I've ever heard of in my area, but I know other areas may be different.

LOL, When do goats not eat??!!!!! That's really cute. I can just envision your expression to go with this!

I am by no means saying don't worry or don't do anything. Do what you need, but if it makes you feel any better, at all, just so you know, you are not alone. I have been there. When my 9 yearlings arrived, last  year, one of them, Popcorn was coughing. And she did for months and months, especially when she was eating grain! I went through this same stuff you are and honestly, I can't say if I actually did anything that helped. I just did this and that and she kept coughing. But then one day after months,I suddenly realized that she wasn't coughing anymore and still hasn't.

Check everything out and do whatever you can, but IF it continues don't give up hope, it could go away! I may have actually given her something that worked, but if I did, I don't know what it was! Wish I could help!

Nope! Wait a minute, if you are talking about something that is contagious and a dog even picked up, aren't we completely barking up the wrong tree (no pun intended, I really didn't think til I typed)here, with the lung worms and with Levamisole? Especially if the Levamisole is risky as Deb has said! I just got lost all over again! I think something is amiss here.

Maybe, I am losing it here, But isn't this a wormer we are talking about? I am NOT familiar with it but... dog bowl...coughing spreading, I am afraid you need something totally different!

Any body with me on this needing a better diagnosis, before a (risky at that) treatment?

I would say that first of all, you can not assume that the cause is the same! I would think that if this bucks problem is chronic and all others coughs have come and gone in a few days, that they probably were dealing with something altogether different.

Levamisole is a dewormer, and last year it was on back-order, but several suppliers have been sending out emails for a couple months saying that it is back in stock now. BUT based on what you've written, I'm not convinced he has lungworm. It isn't something I've heard people complain about in IL/IN. There are a lot of reasons why goats cough, and levamisole won't help anything other than worms.

If you like herbal stuff, you could give him some rose hips, which are high in vitamin C. I was surprised that even after Coco's kidding problems last week, the vet gave her an injection of vitamin C along with the antibiotics. You could also dab some VetRX on his nose; it's like Vicks Vapor Rub for livestock.

Ok. I do have vet rx I have never used it. Will do. I also have human vit C 500mg w rose hips tablets. Would they work on a goat?? Gotta ask....

I've only used actual rose hips. Since I've never seen a recommended daily amount of Vit. C for goats, I try to stick with real foods that they would eat in nature.

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