• I'm new here but on Twitter.
  • I'm on Twitter, too; ...its sometimes wierd, though, when random people subscribe to my Tweets...but hey, anything that might help someday market my future home-based business...don't ask me what it is- its still in the works but I know it has SOMETHING to do with goats! :) Raw milk is a huge thing up here in Northern Vermont!
  • Twitter basically took the status update part of Facebook and isolated it. You can post your status constantly all day long, and if people "follow" you, they get your "tweets." Here's the Antiquity Oaks Twitter page. The idea of following strangers can seem kind of weird. It can be somewhat helpful for family members or friends, because if they follow on on their cell phone, they'll get your updates even if they're not near a computer. Some people follow hundreds or even thousands of people, in which case they either get only a tiny fraction of the tweets, or they have no life. Quite a few celebrities are on Twitter. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are really big on there. When I first got on Twitter, I thought it seemed cool, but some people have gotten so crazy about following so many people that it can turn into information overload.
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