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Although I haven't been on since November due to continuing illness. Today I was happily blessed with triplets. We sold the two blue eyed girls to get the herd down to three does and two bucks. Today Misty stepped up to the plate and had three, 2 bucks and a doe. The genetics for these kids came from the buck I sold so I am thrilled to have a doe. The bucks will probably be sold.   The next one is due in about five days.  

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Congratulations! I'm anxiously waiting for my first babies of the year. Hope your health is improving!

Thanks Deb,

I am still struggling with breathing issues with any exertion. I now know can truly say these wonderful little goats are okay for the elderly, disabled or children. My two bucks were loose this morning trying to breed a young doe who came into heat when I thought she was already bred. I was able to get the fighting, amorous bucks apart and back where they belong without a huge amount of difficulty (not counting the icy footing under the new fallen snow) .  I came back into the doe pen with the once again bred doe and found my other gal in labor.  I had to help with the delivery of the first one who a left hoof and then leg popped out. I just pulled gently with each contraction. The second and third plopped out shortly thereafter. 

She has been and is a wonderful mother so the time I will need to recover my energy and get the rest needed to function should be there tomorrow.

Both hubby and I love baby time!

They are so precious Jan! Sorry you are not feeling well. Maybe having the new babies will make you feel a little better.

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