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RoseLane Minis Reeces had 4 babies this morning. Right on time.  Of my does, she is the only one that I actually witnessed the breeding last year and wrote down the date. According to the gestation calendar they were to be born today and today it was! In the most rainy, windy weather we've had in awhile!.  What a challenge to keep going out to check on them in this storm.  They are doing well.  Was able to rake out some wet, messy straw, and put in some dry that I had stored in a covered trash can for that purpose.  Two more does are due in with her. Wonder if they will pick tonight?!

More photos on my page.

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Wow, what gorgeous babies! Congratulations! Why oh why do they always deliver during a storm? The barometric pressure must have something to do with it. Sounds like you'll have your hands full over the next few days, hope the others do just as well. 

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