risky ridge vs. plentiful pasture

We're also trying to decide whether to fence the goats on an open pasture that is well guarded by our free-roaming dogs and close to our house, or on an overgrown ridge a bit further from the house that has plentiful browse but is more difficult to protect from predators and more difficult for us to access. Which would the goats prefer--closer to us, more protected grass pasture -or- plentiful browse but less secure and probably less human interaction? By the way, thanks for all of your insights on this forum...I've learned a ton.

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  • From what I have read, ND goats prefer to be as close to humans as possible. They are quite social creatures. The closer proximity to humans MAY also help keep away predators.
  • As you've explained, each has its advantages, so if you can fence both, I'd use both. As I explained in my response on the other question, rotational grazing helps with parasite control, as well as pasture management. When you're milking your goats, you'll be bringing them into your barn at night, and it usually works best to let them sleep in there, so you can milk them again first thing in the morning before letting them back out again.

    If it is really impossible to adequately protect the goats from predators in an area, I wouldn't use it, because NDs are certainly make a tasty meal for any meat-eating animal.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the forum. We have a friendly group here!
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