Hello everybody,

I don’t own any goats yet but I’m planning to get some nigerian dwarves soon.

My question is: does anybody use the ND milk to make chocolate pudding? Does it taste good? Do kids like it?

How much ND milk does it take to make 3.5 ounces of pudding?

Thanks to anyone who will answer.

Francesco Socci

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  • And Deborah!
  • Thanks Tammy and Glenna for the useful info!
  • Chocolate pudding?  No, I've made chocolate ice cream, custard type.  There is something about it that is different from the vanilla, especially when I use Dutched cocoa.  Somehow, there is significantly less custard making it to ice cream when I make chocolate.  You see, one must taste it along the way.  My volume for chocolate has reduced as much as fifty percent before the ice cream is made!
    It has the misfortunate of tasting like chocolate mousse which I love.  So, in that regard, it is chocolate pudding.
    As for making 3.5 ounces of pudding - I could not begin to tell you because I always start with half a gallon of milk.  You can always make a full batch and freeze the rest into ice cream.  However, I seriously doubt once you taste it you would ever be happy with that little.
    As for kids liking it, I presume you mean children, they love it.  In fact, I have a waiting list for ice cream whether I make vanilla or chocolate.  Think of the highest quality of ice cream you can buy and step up from that, seriously.  Our Nigerian Dwarf does produce the very best milk for ice cream (or cheese) because of the higher butterfat.
    My instructions for ice cream, including multiple hints, are at:
    Also linked from there is Deborah's 100-Yard ice cream which is absolutely delicious!!!

  • Hi Francesco. I tried to post 2 different times to your question yesterday, but my internet was dragging and it must have timed out! Anyway- you use goat milk the same as cow milk. We actually only use our ND goat milk at our place. I’ve not specifically made chocolate pudding with it, but I’ve never been disappointed with anything that I have ever used it in ;) It is absolutely delicious!
  • Sharing with you this yummy Goat Milk Pudding recipe -- 


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