Despite having 1.5 acres we still have neighbors directly to the north of our property, across the road to the south and I believe the land to the west may belong to someone but it so wooded that they don't use that portion. The east appears to be very wooded with a trail the kids ride their bikes through. I really love goats, and I don't want anyone to think goats are icky or stinky. and so it is highly likely that we could not have a compost pile. would leaving the poops from two does in the yard be a bad idea...if I collect them in a can...do I have to have someone pick them up? How many times a day do they poop?

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  • hello! I loved reading this! How many times a day to they poop? It seems to be a ongoing thing if you ask me!! lol.
    I have been composting for a few years. I sweep/rake up their poops/soiled hay and have a pile on the other side of their fence that I let pile up for a week and then I move it up to one of 3 huge piles I have going about an acre away. I turn the piles once a week and it decomposes so fast I don't think it smells at all, matter of fact the beautiful compost matures to a dark rich soil. Each pile I turn for about 6 months and then I move it down to the gardens.

    In your yard those little "nanny berries" will break down pretty quickly, areas where you walk, etc, you may want to sweep them up and toss them somewhere out of the way to break down.
  • Goats don't really produce much poop. They make little pebbles like rabbits, so it's not stinky, runny, or messy. If they're outside, the little berries will just fall into the grass, and you won't even see them. You'll have to clean out their barn or stall (where the poop will be mixed with bedding like straw or pine shavings), but the key to compost is to build up a pile that is deep enough and wide enough that it gets hot enough to cook the compost. If a compost pile is stinky, something is wrong.
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