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Meet Milton

and Calvin.

Please excuse their green ears. :) New tattoos, you know.


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Simply adorable Rachel! Milton is soooo cute!!! You make me envious! :) Love the green ears --- reminds me of when I brought my little ones home 7 years ago. Wow --- they've really gotten old. Where does the time go?

I'm already so sad that they are going to be too stinky for me to love on when they get bigger! Calvin is my favorite... he's a love bug. Plus, his sire is from Pholia Farm. I'd never have been able to afford buying directly from them. I got lucky with my goat dealer and the fact that her bred doe she got from them had a buck she kept.

Congratulations! How cool to have a buck from Pholia Farm!

I'm really excited about it. Not because I plan to sell any babies, (because I don't) but just because of the milking lines I'm going to be able to introduce into my herd because of him. My breeder bought a bred doe from Gianaclis last year, and that dam kidded a doe and a buck, so my breeder kept the buck for her own herd. As a first freshener, his dam was pretty great. The dam of my buckling was bred to that "original" buck. She is also an amazing milker, one of my breeder's best. I'm pretty excited. :) The best part is, that because of the pairing with his dam and the buck from Pholia, he's not related to ANY of my does. My other buckling isn't related either. At the moment, my breeding possibilities are endless. :)

Calvin is the buckling from that breeding. He's a real sweet heart. Milton is not so friendly. I'm working on him so he's at least not totally wild as an adult, but he's already smelling like a buck!

CUTE! Congrats! I myself still love on them when they stink ! I never want anyone to get a complex :)  Love the names!

Congrats!! They are so cute.  Love the red and white, that's what I'm hoping for with my new buck.  The Sire is from Lost Valley and is super red!! Love it.  Did you doe you thought was pregnant ever give birth?

Very cute.  I still make time with my males even when they stink.  I feel bad because they never get as much attention as the does.  If I sit in the pen with the boys.  They will still jump up in my lap.  When I am finished, I go in and put the clothes in the washer. 

Janel, none of my does I've bred and hoped were pregnant have been pregnant. :( That's one of the reasons I decided I needed my own bucks. lol

Sharon, that's my plan. I'll have to have special goat clothes when I go out to the pen now. :)

What handsome guys Rachel!

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