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Hello everyone, 

My name is Jason and I am new to this site. I recently purchased tree Nigerian Dwarfs and will be posting on here more, as the time goes by. I lost my buck because the “breeder” I bought him from basically lied to me, that he was properly weaned, but all the other Guru’s I have spoken to agreed he hadn't been. He was basically yanked off the bottle in order to make a quick sale, here in Florida. Please be careful buying from a lady here, if you’re in Florida, who insists upon meeting at a gas station or “not at the farm”. I look forward to learning so much from you guys, but at this time I don’t have any questions. 

Thanks for the incite,



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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the buckling. Stories like that are unfortunately way too common. I've lost track of the number of people who've contacted me with kids on the verge of death because someone pulled the away from mom way too young and without teaching it to take a bottle. 

    I hear you when you say you're overwhelmed with info. The most common complaint I hear from new goat owners is that there is so much info AND it's contradictory. That's because nothing online ever dies! That means you will be finding info that's 20 years old (or older!) but if you don't already KNOW a lot about that topic, you will have no idea that it's outdated. There are STILL people out there telling you to give Tide laundry detergent to a goat with bloat, which is one of the worst! And I know someone killed a kid because she did that! 

  • Good morning Jason,

    Are you talking about the ThriftyHomesteading Facebook Group? I do not see a member request for you there.

  • Also, I’m signed up for thrifty homestead too. Just not sure I have been approved yet, they seam to take a long time to approve people.
  • Thanks, at this time I have way too much to read, lol. I got on several sites and am now overwhelmed, but thanks. Will let you know if anything comes up.
  • Hi Jason and Welcome to the site! So sorry to hear about your buckling.

    I thought I would share this excellent gathering of material that Deborah has put together for new goat owners. It is FULL of all kinds of wonderful information-

    Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help with!


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