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Blood testing

Hi everyone,

   Just got blood drawn yesterday by the vet, to test for CAE, CL & Johnes.  She said that the blood would be sent to UC Davis in CA.  From what I've read on here, everyone else's vet sends the blood samples to WADDL.  It's too late now,

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pregnancy testing with due dates

I have 5 bred does this year and unfortunately my computer crashed and took with it all of there info including there expected due dates. I am looking for a company that I can send a blood sample to and they will be able to give me an approximate due

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TB Testing

Hello, I'm very new when it comes to owning goats. I just got my two does in the summer and now I'm expecting my first batch of kids at the end of march!!! I can't wait till the little kiddys are here and I get to try my hand at milking and cheese ma

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Herd testing

Hello. I am new to NDDG and only 1 year into owning my little guys. We started out with 2 wethers to keep our horse company and then added  2 does a few months later with the intension to breed them. When we bought our wethers we bought them from a N

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