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Buying 1st goat

We just recently moved back to my husbands home town for him to farm the family farm. I am new to everything that comes with living out here but have so far been raising my chickens. Goats are my next venture so we are going to look at what I am hopi

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Kids on the Farm

My first kids to arrive on the farm, due November 30th

Vernal, the wether (right) & his sister Equinox (white face)2655739339?profile=RESIZE_320x320

Their Dam - Furthur Foolish Heart, first freshener.2655745161?profile=RESIZE_320x320

2655746759?profile=RESIZE_320x3202655743281?profile=RESIZE_320x320I would like to know what those more experienced with goat think of these kids and

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Goat first aid kit


I know i've posted a lot latley but i'm still new to goat care and i just want to find out as much as possible before my goat (going to get anouther one with it most likey) comes home.

Alright so, as with all my animals i try to make a first aid

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