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  Hi! Heres a little about myself and my adventure!  I am 28 years old, married to Mr Right for 9 years and we have 3 littles. 2 boys ages 5 and 3 and 1 girl 19 months old! All my growing up years I lived around cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats! but never around goats! Anyways in 2009 I married Mr. Right and he is owner of a Spray Foam Insulation business! He doesn't mind animals but doesnt feel like he has the time to be hugely responsible for an animal! Well I love animals and want my boys and girl to be able to grow up with chores and responsibility!! So in the last 3 years we moved out into the country onto 11 acres and have a Great Pyrenees dog, a few cats, 7 chickens that supply all our eggs, and 4 steers that we are fattening to butcher! So a few months ago I started looking into finding me some little goats (that I can handle) and 2 weeks ago I purchased 4 little registered Nigerian Dwarf Babies and we are LOVING them!! My long term plan is raising them to sell but we live out in the boonies of Nebraska so I'm hoping we can find a market for them! So beings Iv never been around goats of any kind I feel like I have lots of questions and a friend told me about this site and Iv also ordered the book Raising Goats Naturally! Anyways the babies are doing awesome so my biggest problem right now is coming up with a herd name cause i would like to become a member of ADGA before I send in these new babies paperwork?!!        

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Welcome to the group and to the wonderful world of goat ownership! They can steal your heart really fast!

Nigerians are wonderful - we supply all our milk products from our girls and can't stand store milk anymore.   I think you can join ADGA without having a herd name now.   Send in the herd name later.   You don't need it to send in papers for little ones you bought from a different farm.    

Good luck with your new life style.     I have a web site with our farm that may have some help for you.    Windingrvrfarm. com    

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