Lorane, OR


October 15

If you already have goats, what's your herd name?

Winding River

If you have a website, what's the URL?


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  • Thanks for the pic!!! I love it!!!! :) I was really worried after I got Mckinnley that I was allergic to rabbits but it turns out there must have been some residual chemical in her fiber that set me off. The longer she's with me the less I react and the less chemical she's been around. I'm very pleased. I'm hoping my husband will soon have some time to help me build a hutch for her. She's such a sweetie and I want to give her more room than she has. Wish you could teach me how you spun straight off of her!
    I'm jealous of the sheep too altho my breed of choice would be the CVM/Romeldales. Eventually I hope to have a couple alpacas as well. I know, but it doesn't hurt to dream does it?
  • I just got some papaya tablets! Thanks for the info! Now I'll know what to do if that would happen - Shudder! I have a beautiful (of course I'm biased!) French angora broken sable doe. She's a real sweetie. I love to spin altho I'm not super good at it yet. What other kind of animals did you have for fiber or was it just angoras? I'd love to see pics of you spinning from her back! I'd like to do that!! Do you have any of pieces of advice for me? What did you keep her in? Cage? Hutch? Mckinnley is in a wire cage with a board in it to rest her paws.
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