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Hello everyone , my name  is Miriel,  my  husband Bill and I Iive in Burrillville,Rhode Island on almost 3 acres, we raise Alpacas, and now I decided to get two Nigerian Dwarf  Goats,  my goal is to raise them for the milk to make yogurt. Cheese, soap and lotion ,and of  course drinking their delicious milk for our health. I know just having 2 goats will not allow me to do all those things, but that's what I'd like to do. We have the Alpacas for show and for their fiber to spin, and  knit . We love to garden and love our animals. 

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Hi Miriel! So glad that you found the group-WELCOME!

If you are wanting just 2 Nigerians you are likely looking at AI or 'driveway service' for breeding your does. It is not a best practice to keep a buck and a doe together all the time, and they would both need a companion, so you would be looking at 2 does and a buck with a wether companion to have an 'on-site' breeder for your girls. Keeping a buck with your doe all the time will make your doe smell just like a buck, which means you will smell like one every time you milk her, and it also will make your milk taste 'goaty.'

Another option is to start out with bred does- that will get you through the first milking season so that you know what you are signing on for before committing to a buck and a wether companion for him.

Check out this great article that Deborah wrote- it has so many answers in it to questions that you didn't even know you had.

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