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Hi, my name is Leslie and I'm new to the site. I have 3 wethers (triplet brothers all arrived together in June 2020) just about to turn one year old. I have my first question regarding significant itching and stomping of feet and possible mites. I guess a few basic details...they are the only goats we have, and they get mixed grass hay and free choice loose minerals (Manna Pro but going to try Sweetlix when it arrives). I'm in Minnesota, and we just got through that very cold weather. It has warmed up and all of the goats are shedding (and have a little bit of dandruff), so at first I thought the itching was just related to that. However, one goat in particular does a lot of feet stomping and itching of his forelegs especially, and seems very miserable. He definitely behaves like something is biting him. Their coats look really nice overall, no missing hair and absolutely no sign of lice after a great deal of searching. However, today I noticed a few small scabby spots on the forelegs of the one who is the most miserable, though I haven't been able to scrape skin significantly enough to see if I can find mites under a scope. I ordered Nu Stock arriving today and will try that but wasn't sure if it would actually kill mites or just possibly provide some relief. I also have DE coming but I'm unsure about using that on them yet in case it is too drying. I was wondering if I should just go ahead and use Ivomec pour on or if I really need to try to confirm mites at the vet. I was trying to avoid going, especially given how few scabby spots I can see and if there wasn't really harm in using the pour on without confirmation. In summary, I don't see any lice, their coats look nice and I don't really suspect any mineral deficiency based on that, and the one is just so annoyed that I would be surprised if it's only shedding...especially given the little scabs I am now seeing.  Not sure if I should use only Nu Stock cream for now, or go ahead with the pour on, or how best to minimize the itching. I thought I'd see what others think before I go haul one to a vet. Thank you!  

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Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to update you that I finally connected with the vet - he was in agreement with everything done so far and thinks the ivermectin pour on should have done away with any lice. As for mites, which is still my suspicion, he said I could treat again with ivermectin or the Eprinex pour on but he wouldn't be concerned waiting a few more weeks to see improvement. He is not opposed to the sulfur lime dip idea but just considers it an older method that was used before newer drugs were available. The itchy one (his name is Ted) is definitely better, but still has itchy times here and there where it still seems like he is getting bites of some kind. I'm going to keep watching him and I might try the dip if he seems miserable again, before I do any more rounds of a pour on. I'll let you know how it works if I do it!

Tammy Gallagher said:

Your Welcome! Please keep us posted and I am interested in what your vet recommends about treatment and opinion about what is going on with them. I've never used a dip and would really like the feedback on your experience if you choose that.

Leslie Carion said:

Thanks Tammy! These guys are pets for life but I will go ahead and see what the vet has to say anyway. I'm going to try to be patient also :) Thanks so much for the support on this forum, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the update! Did he offer to do a skin scrape for you to check for mites? It can be hit or miss on the scrapes because sometimes they are really down deep. If Ted has any scabby or scaly areas still around after another week or so, you may want to consider that.

He didn’t mention it but Ted doesn’t have much in the way of any scabs or patches now, and itching is much better though not yet 100%. Vet is due for a visit here in a month so at least if it isn’t resolved by then they will get a checkup! 

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